Monthly Events

All events are planned by Johnny Kuhar, assistant director. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact him!


Annual Ken Minch Memorial Bowling Outing
Date: Sunday, March 24th
Time: 1:00 PM
Location: Spins Bowl Independence - 5619 Brecksville Rd, Independence Ohio 44131

This year the location has changed so take note! I have reserved the club 4 lanes and, like always, we plan to bowl 3 games. Last years tournament was covered by ABC’s Wide World of Sports and viewed by more than 3 million people. I was contacted by Jim McKay and ABC plans on covering this exciting event again this year. Folks, this is always a great outing and a good time to catch up with friends after the long winter!

So after the thrill of victory and the agony of the gutter ball, for those wishing to partake in some food we will march across the street to the Tavern of Independence. I’ve spoken with the manager and they’re very happy to accommodate our group.

Tavern of Independence
5530 Brecksville Rd, Independence Ohio 44131 - (216) 264-4344

I know some of us don’t bowl but there is always plenty of space to hang out, have a snack and a beer as you watch all the action. And please RSVP if you are planning on attending. Last year, I made reservations for 21 people and almost 40 folks showed up! Save me from another panic attack and get back to me. Looking forward to seeing all of you in funny bowling shoes on the 24th! ---Johnny Kuhar, Assistant Director